Referral Program Supported Countries

The G Suite Referral Program is currently available to referrers based in the following countries:


Country Referral Bonus(per user)
Argentina US $15
Brazil US $15
Canada up to CAD 30
Chile US $15
Colombia US $15
Mexico US $15
Peru US $15
United States up to US $30

Asia Pacific

Country Referral Bonus(per user)
Australia up to AU $30*
Hong Kong up to HK $230*
India** US $7.50
Japan up to ¥3,600*
New Zealand up to NZ $40*
Singapore up to SG $40*


Country Referral Bonus(per user)
Belgium up to €24
France up to 24 €
Germany up to 24 €
Ireland up to €24
Italy up to €24
Netherlands up to €24
Portugal up to 24 €
Spain up to 24 €
United Arab Emirates up to US $30
United Kingdom up to £20

If your country is not listed here, please tell us where you're located. Click here and select "Other" in the country drop down list.

* If Program participants outside of India and in the Asia Pacific region are referring customers based in India, the Referral Bonus will be adjusted based on the lower G Suite subscription cost. The Referral Bonus per user will be: $7.50 USD.

** If Program participants in India are referring customers based in other participating Asia Pacific countries, the Referral Bonus per user will be increased to $15 USD.